Almost every one of us has heard about the Internet. In this era, the Internet is needed for a business to earn more revenues. Internet users are increasing every single day, and 40% of the world population has an internet connection today. Internet marketing has evolved from simple newsletters to infographics. Many businesses nowadays don’t realize that Facebook and Google ads are more expensive than digital marketing. 


Search Engine Optimization is a Big Part of Internet Marketing 

SEO Internet marketing can transform your business, though business owners and marketing managers often have the same questions, “What is SEO?” 

  • Google Search –  Thousands of people search every second when you utilize SEO web marketing. You’re basically marketing your business to millions of people for free. 
  • Attract customers – When you use SEO internet marketing to market your services. Your company’s reach can be extensive that gives you a higher chance to engage interested customers. 
  • People ignore ads – Companies and other institutions often think that paid ads are a great way to advertise their business. Still, almost 70% of users ignore ads that appear in social media and search results. 
  • Ranking organically – With SEO internet marketing, there is a big chance that someone visits your website or posted online services in search. You won’t have to pay a single cent to get an organic audience. 


Learn to Understand Your Audience 

You should never forget that Internet marketing is continuously changing, SEO pages may become more competitive. Your marketing plan may work this month, but it may not work next month. To be successful, you need to take time in planning your strategy and enhance what you have learned. It is also better to hire an Internet marketing specialist to do this extensive job for you. 

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Don’t Know Where to Start? 


These strategies have been out there for many years, and J2E has a subscription called Digital Marketing as a Service in the Philippines to help you provide a good service to your customers and grow your online reach. Visit the DMaaS page to learn more. 

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