Google’s algorithm has changed, and which means SEO standards have also changed. But one thing remains constant: backlinks are as relevant as ever. Their usage may have gone some slight iterations throughout the years. 

Let us explore the reasons why backlinks are valuable and why you should employ them to build your SEO strategy. 


Backlinks Give Your Site a Better Trust Rating 

The nitty-gritty of it all is this: backlinks can act as a vote of trust for your website, and ultimately your company, business, or organization as well. Pages with great backlink profiles tend to rank higher in Google’s search engine results. Back in the early 2000s, you would see a lot of SEO spamming backlinks, as it used to be a numbers game. Today, however, that game has changed. 


How Backlinks Are Used in Modern SEO 

Backlinks are still as relevant as they were. Almost all related SEO studies would agree that websites with the strongest links appear in Google’s front pages. “Quality over quantity”. This statement also holds when it comes to backlinks. In ranking your site, backlinks may form the backbone of your SEO strategy. 


Here are some tips to consider: 

  • Backlink authority – how trusted and legitimate are your backlinks? Do they have low spam scores?
  • Rel Attribute – note that only rel=”dofollow” backlinks contribute to your page’s overall SEO performance. 
  • Backlink relevancy – how useful is your backlink? Is it placed on relevant anchor texts? 
  • Other technical aspects – Google also checks page construction, redirects, your sitemap, javascript, etc. 
backlinks in modern seo

You can check a more detailed list of all the factors here. 


How can Backlinks Benefit my Business? 

Apart from getting more attention from web traffic, thanks to your great SEO ranking, there are other less immediate benefits that you and your company can enjoy thanks to backlinks. 

One is you can build relationships with it. Since you are going to reach out to other companies and key influencers for your link building, you will have the chance to promote one of your products or services or have an immediate audience for your website. These relationships can turn into partnerships – which can benefit your sales down the line. 

A great backlink profile also lends to a great brand presence. Your backlinks can put your name out there and make you an authority in your niche or industry. As you build more links and pages, you are creating more content – thus showcasing your expertise in a particular topic, skillset, or issue. 


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