Having a backlink is a big help for your content because it builds it up. It adds value and credibility to your site. If you want to increase your search engine rankings, you should have to earn good backlinks.

Every aspect of your website has a role in your SEO ranking. Domain Age is one major factor that Google considers in determining your site’s value and ranking. When the domain age is older, Google sees it as more trustworthy and reliable. That is why it is a good thing to get backlinks from older domains if you want to earn a good rank for your website.

Here are three ways that might be able to help you in having a good backlink: 



Keywords are useful. When a website uses a keyword that you also use, you can ask them to add your link. Think of it as a good opportunity and monitor your keywords.


Reports that you publish on Slideshare can hit tons of viewers, which will circulate your content. It creates a backlink that you take from your initial content. 


They are contents which people want as they may contain the necessary information that might be useful to them. An infographic published on a particular blog that goes viral will be of much help to you. 


Being viral is a major contributing factor to getting a good backlink. When your content is valuable, people will start to share your link and guarantee better performance in your ranking. Now, the audience looks for something useful and packed with relevant information for them. 


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