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Business Intelligence as a Service (BIaaS)

How does Business Intelligence as a Service in Philippines work? It is a subscription service that allows small and medium enterprises to harness the value of their data without the intricacies of choosing and building complex solutions. The key objective of this service is to provide immediate value by delivering key business insights.

Digital Marketing as a Service (DMaaS) 

Digital Marketing as a Service or DMaaS covers every digital marketing strategy needed by a business. Starting with Search Engine Optimization or SEO, you can get your website recognized by the search engine easily. More than SEO, other on-demand digital services in Philippines such as content marketing, social media management, lead generation, email marketing, and even paid ads can be included in your subscription.

Website as a Service (WaaS)

Website as a Service is a business and website design service in Philippines that provides hosting, updates, maintenance, and growth that every business’ needs. In this modern era, you could never go wrong with a professionally made and well taken care of website! This is the best for those who wants to have their own website, to keep it up and running, and well developed for the fast-evolving market.

Virtual Assistance Service (VAS)

Virtual Assistance Service (VAS) is a subscription-based virtual assistant solution. Packages may include managing your calendar, setting up appointments, customer service tasks, lead generation, audio/video transcription, managing all of your social media handles.

Consulting Services

If your business encounters some opportunities and challenges and you don’t know what to do, J2E Tech’s Consulting Service provides the assistance you need. With the help of J2E Tech Team and its expertise, advanced and expert solutions are now possible to achieve. We cater to different types of consulting services based on what your business needs.

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