The strategy building links has been said to be dead for many years, but it seems this is only for those who failed to adapt to new rules and requirements. “Ranking without links are really really hard,” Google confirmed, additionally, it only means that building links only changes rules in a certain period of times.

Building Links Can Establish Authority

Building your brand and nurturing your website audience is essential to accomplish your online authority. Remember to link to sites that are trustworthy to establish your presence to potential customers. Applying your keywords and connecting to groups that are likely to read your blogs or original content can guarantee your success in building your authority. What is link all about?

What Are Links?

Links are used for search engine optimization, and there are two kinds of links. These are inbound link, which also known as external links or backlinks. These links are from other sites that point to your website. Another one is Internal link; it can contribute value within your domain when you post a new page or article that will boost your SEO ranking using a phrase or a keyword.

Backlinks Are Important, How About Internal Links?

Internal links create a website hierarchy of information within your domain. Your homepage can link to other subcategories on your website. This can add structure that creates a whole lot of information and allow visitors to navigate your site easily. User experience will also improve; thus, many people will spend more time reading your blog. Other things you need to consider about internal links:

  • It can transfer ranking power from well-built pages to your new content.
  • It helps increase page views.
  • Get high-converting pages to potential customers.
  • Creates high traffic within your pages
  • A good site structure will enhance SEO



Need Assistance Setting Up Your Website?

A website is an essential tool to advertise your branding. If you haven’t created one, J2E Tech’s Website is perfect for you. It includes web hosting and SEO-friendly site. Check this WaaS page to learn more.

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